House system

Our students are sorted into their houses by the personality traits that they share. We felt it was fitting to name our college houses in line with the characteristics that the people in those houses have in common. Our college houses are as follows:

  • The purple house are the analysts.
    Analysts value intellect and are always trying to improve. They are imaginative, prioritise logic and are very efficient.
  • The green house are the diplomats.
    Diplomats are warm, caring and generous. They don’t like to make decisions that upset people. They are imaginative, open minded, curious and empathetic.
  • The red house are the sentinels.
    Sentinels value security, stability, and are protective of others. They embrace teamwork and show great leadership qualities.
  • The yellow house are the explorers.
    Explorers are known to be spontaneous and make decisions based on instinct, they don’t always need a plan, they just want things to work. They are known to be adaptable, flexible, highly energetic and good at improvising.

We have identified what house students (and staff) are in based on a personality test known as 16 personalities. It’s free to take the test at, we encourage our Coastal Lakes College community to take the test and see which faction you belong to.

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