How to Enrol

Coastal Lakes College is a local-intake area school and therefore, in the first instance, must ensure that all local students can be accommodated. As a growing school the College must plan ahead to ensure that there will be sufficient accommodation in the future.

The local-intake area is defined by a boundary. If you live within the local-intake area for Coastal Lakes College you are guaranteed a place. View the local intake area map.

Enrolment at a school in the primary years does not guarantee future enrolment at a specific secondary school including one in the vicinity of the primary school.

All students seeking enrolment for the commencement of the following year, whether local or out of local-intake area, should apply by the first Friday of Term 3 each year or when stipulated by the College.


Local Intake Area Enrolment Packs

Coastal Lakes College will provide parent/caregiver information and enrolment packages through the school for students enrolled at:

  • Lakelands Primary School
  • Madora Bay Primary School
  • Meadow Springs Primary School
  • Oakwood Primary School
  • Singleton Primary School.

To enrol any other student living within the local-intake area, please collect an enrolment package from Coastal Lakes College administration. For further information, please call 9583 2800.


Out of Local-Intake Area Enrolments

The Department of Education’s priority for enrolling children outside the local-intake area is in this order:

  1. A child who is accepted into a special program including Approved Specialist Programs (secondary schools).
  2. A child who has a sibling enrolled at the school for the year; this does not include a sibling who has gained enrolment through special programs including Approved Specialist Programs (secondary schools).
  3. A child who lives closest to the school (not closest to the boundary of a local-intake area).

Note: Coastal Lakes College does not have any Approved Specialist Programs.

Parents/Caregivers may apply for an out of local-intake area enrolment by contacting Coastal Lakes College and requesting an application form.

Parents/Caregivers will be notified in writing of the outcome of enrolment decisions at the earliest opportunity if applying for the current year. Where the application is made for the following year, parents/caregivers will be notified once local student enrolment numbers are clear and it is established that there is capacity to accept out of local-intake area students.


To find out more download a copy of our prospectus here.

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