All students are expected to attend the College regularly.

Many concepts such as literacy and numeracy are taught in a sequence. Missing school means missing out on learning – which can often make it difficult to catch up later. This is particularly important in the early years of high school when essential foundation skills are being taught.

Students are expected to attend their classes on time. Timeliness is important as the beginning of a lesson is very important for learning. Being on time also demonstrates respectfulness, and shows the development of skills required in workplaces.

Missed time in class accumulates to have a significant impact on student learning. Did you know – If you child is just 10 minutes late everyday. That equals 50 minutes per week. Over the year that’s nearly 1.5 weeks and over 13 years of schooling it’s nearly half a year.

Continued lateness to the College without explanation may also result in a loss of Good Standing.

All absences and late arrivals are required to have a signed letter or explanation from a parent or guardian.

Don’t feel the need to ‘cover up’ the reason for your teenager’s absence. This reinforces that you are taking over when things are difficult. Be honest so we can work with you and your teenager to improve their attendance.
Our Positive Support Team can provide advice and strategies if you are struggling to get your child to come to school.

Having information about why your teenager is missing school helps us plan for their return, and to work out whether we can provide any further help to you.


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