The Achieve Pathway

The Achieve Pathway| An Academic Extension Pathway for students in Year 7 – 10.

The Achieve Pathway is an academic enrichment program that brings together like-minded, high achieving students to accelerate their learning across all areas of the curriculum while fostering the development of their social and emotional needs.

This pathway will provide students with a learning environment that will both engage and extend them, allowing them to explore the curriculum in more detail. We will ask your child to be creative and imaginative, to be a problem solver and critical thinker, encouraging them to think outside the box.

A range of teaching strategies, such as inquiry based learning, team work, goal setting and having a growth mindset will be used to ensure students are engaged in their learning outcomes. The ongoing development of these skills also helps to support the development of the whole child.

A core component of the pathway is to raise students’ aspirations and expose them up to a wide variety of career pathways and opportunities that may be available to them.

The Pathway is well suited for students who are considering ATAR courses in Year 11 and 12 and, if they choose, further study at university.



At Coastal Lakes College have high expectations for each of our students and we want to provide our students with a number of opportunities to reach their potential. Having robust programs that enrich and extend our students is just one of the ways we achieve this.

Ultimately we want students to grow and develop so that by the time they leave the College they are meeting their point of aspiration, and that they are competitive and well prepared for a rapidly changing future.



Places in the Achieve Pathway are selective, and places are highly sought after.

Students are selected through a school run test, with recommendation from their Primary School teachers and consultation of previous schooling data.

Participation will be closely monitored. As students move through the College we recognise that their learning needs may change. Provisions will be made to accommodate moves between pathways where available.

At Coastal Lakes College we have high expectations of our students and we want to ensure that our students have great opportunities to meet those expectations, with help being available when they need it.

To find out more about the application process for the Achieve Pathway, please click here. 


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