Achieve Pathway Application

The Achieve Pathway at Coastal Lakes College is an academic pathway aimed at providing students with a learning environment that will challenge, inspire and empower them to excel every day. The curriculum is designed to be exciting and engaging, preparing students for success in their Year 11 and 12 ATAR courses and ultimately, university. The pathway aims to develop students’ skills and qualities both in and out of the classroom, allowing them to become successful, responsible, and independent learners.

The Achieve Pathway is a school-based pathway and students are selected through a school run test, with recommendation from their primary school teachers and consultation of previous schooling data. This process is different to the Gifted and Talented pathway which is selected and run externally by the Education Department on a state-wide basis. Academic extension works as a part of your child’s pathway to success, fostering the development of their talents as well as caring for their social and emotional needs.

Maintaining a place in the Achieve Pathway at Coastal Lakes College is based on ongoing assessment conducted throughout the year. Student performance is reviewed regularly each term with achievement and behaviour expected to be in line with pathway expectations and maintaining Good Standing in the School.

If you are interested in applying for the Achieve Pathway, please download a copy of the application form here. 

For your application to be considered we also require copies of your school reports from the last two years, a copy of your Year 5 NAPLAN results and a signature from your current Primary School teacher. You will also be required to sit further entrance testing at Coastal Lakes College. Testing will be held at Coastal Lakes College between 3:30pm – 4:30pm on Thursday 12 October 2023. This test consists of reading and numeracy PAT testing. The test requires no prior study.


Key Dates

Testing round 1:

Deadline for application – End of Term 1

Testing (to be held at Coastal Lakes College) – Thursday, 20 June 2024


Testing round 2:

Deadline for application – End of Term 3

Testing (to be held at Coastal Lakes College) – Thursday, 5 September 2024

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