Our Arts Focus

At Coastal Lakes College students participate in both Drama and Visual Art classes to explore a range of theatre and art styles.

Students experiment with a wide range of media and artistic processes that help to develop their imagination and critical thinking skills.


Our program has a focus on community and sustainability within the Arts.


Our teaching staff carry a wide range of skills so that we can cater for different styles and student interests.

Timetabled classes ensure that students are exposed to the core curriculum, while after-school clubs and showcases allow us to tailor opportunities to students and their interests.

Our arts facilities are amazing at Coastal Lakes College. Our inspiring facilities include a dedicated performing arts building with theatre spaces, drama room with a sprung floor, back stage facilities and dressing rooms, a dance studio and multiple green rooms. We also have a dedicated visual arts building with separate printmaking, drawing, ceramics, film/audio and digital media spaces. Students will have access to a wide range of resources, technology and facilities that will enable them to develop industry based skills that are essential for 21st Century living and ensure that they have the foundations to a successful future.

Students will have the opportunity to be involved in Dance, Drama and Music Showcases. They will also have the opportunity to get involved backstage and learn fundamental skills such as sound, lighting, costumes, scenography (stage design/props), directing, stage managing etc. Students will have the opportunity to work with scripts and develop their own works.

We will showcase student work in our gallery space within our performing arts foyer and in gallery spaces in our wider community. These opportunities help our students develop good relationships with local community and industry professionals.

In addition to visual and performing arts, students also have access to an incredible music program and after -school club who perform at college events.

Our focus on arts and technology will overlap. Technology will be used to create art and creativity will be a big part of our technology focus. Here you can start to see the cross-curricular approach really coming to life.

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