Wellbeing Programs

The Positive Support team facilitate the following programs:

You Can Do It workshops

You Can Do It education is a social emotional learning program that is delivered to all students at Coastal Lakes College. You Can Do It teaches confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along and resilience.

GOALS Program

The GOALS Program is designed to encourage students to model expected behaviours and will provide opportunities for them to build confidence, self-motivation, resilience and self-control skills.

Throughout the program participants will build relationships with peers from around the college and develop skills in teamwork, leadership and perseverance to achieve their own personal and team goals.  Students will participate in a weekly training session, clinics with major sporting partners and competitions against other schools in the area.

Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulationcurriculum (or “The Zones” for short), are lessons and activities designed by Leah Kuypers, licensed occupational therapist, to help participants gain skills in the area of self-regulation.

The lessons and learning activities are designed to help the students recognise when they are in the different Zones as well as learn how to use strategies to change or stay in the Zone they are in. In addition to addressing self-regulation, students will gain an increased vocabulary of emotional terms, skills in reading other people’s facial expressions, perspective about how others see and react to their behaviour, insight into events that trigger their behaviour, calming and alerting strategies, and problem solving skills.


The ZONES of Regulation

Zones of Regulation Glossary

It is important to note that everyone experiences all of the Zones—the Red and Yellow Zones are not the “bad” or “naughty” Zones. All of the Zones are expected at one time or another. The Zones of Regulation is intended to be neutral and not communicate judgment.

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