Access to modern technologies for the purpose of enhancing student learning and preparing them for the technological world is a priority. Parents are encouraged to provide their high school child with access to a computer and internet at home for the purpose of learning, study and interaction with teachers through the student portal (Connect). Students may also download Office 365 ProPlus for free on their home devices once they have an active Department of Education email and student login. This will further benefit their learning through the use of One Drive and other useful applications, representing a considerable saving for parents. Help sheets for downloading Office 365 will be made available.

In planning for the first three years there is confidence that the College can afford to provide considerable student and teacher access to computers and other technologies onsite. The need for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system was investigated and fully considered by the Steering Committee and Administration. It was concluded that within the first three years of the College opening, there was not a pressing need for a BYOD system. Therefore the cost of a device that met the College’s minimum specifications would unnecessarily pass on additional costs to parents. Before and after school access to computers for students was considered highly desirable was considered highly desirable by the steering committee i.e. not just during lesson time, and will be accommodated through extra-curricular activities and clubs.

The Principal and College Board will reconsider the need for a BYOD system for upper school students and possibly for students in specialist classes. At that stage there will also be a much better understanding of the College’s network capacity and limitations.

Mobile Phones and Other Devices

Students do not need to have mobile phones or other personal electronic devices during school time. They distract students, interrupt lessons and contribute to bullying in schools. Students will always be permitted to use a College phone for important matters.

Students will not be permitted to have mobile phones or similar devices at school and if a student is seen with a mobile phone or similar device during any part of the school day, the device will be confiscated. Failure to comply with the College rules surrounding mobile telephones and other devices may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Department’s Student Behaviour Policy and Student Behaviour Procedures.

If there is a legitimate reason for a student having a mobile phone, arrangements may be negotiated by parents with the Administration.

The College takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones or other devices.

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