Inclusive Education

At Coastal Lakes College, we work to remove barriers to inclusion and support all students to achieve their potential.

Coastal Lakes College is an inclusive school. As part of our commitment to inclusivity, we have an Inclusive Education Support Hub (the Hub) that allows students with a disability to attend a specialist facility in their local community.

In the Hub, and in specially designed facilities across the College we are able to support students with a range of disabilities and learning difficulties, including those with complex health, communication and behavioural needs.

At Coastal Lakes College, we believe that every child should be welcome and have their needs met in every classroom. We believe that every child should have access to high quality education that allows them to demonstrate their full potential.

Our integrated approach allows us to tailor the education experience for each child, so they can learn in the most appropriate and least restrictive environment that suits their needs.

For some students with a disability, inclusion means spending a significant part of their day in a highly supported classroom environment. For others, immersion in a mainstream program with support and differentiation is the best learning pathway for them.


Our Inclusive Education Support Hub

Our specialist staff deliver individualised, evidence-based programmes, to develop each child’s educational, physical and social skills.

Our approach to learning sees the curriculum taught continually throughout the day with appropriate differentiation for each student. This provides students with a practical application for their learning. It also offers multiple opportunities for them to achieve their targets.

Our specialist facilities allow us to cater for the physical, emotional, mental and sensory needs of our students, keeping them engaged and ready to learn.

Highlights of our Inclusive Education Support Hub include indoor and outdoor sensory play spaces, life skills and physiotherapy rooms, a hydrotherapy pool and therapy consult spaces.

In addition to the facilities in the Hub, inclusive facilities have also been included across the Campus to ensure students can participate in specialist classes as part of their curriculum, this includes subjects such as Art, Food, Science, Physical Education and Materials Design and Technology. Not only does this mean that our students in the Hub get to participate in the same classes as their mainstream peers, it also provides an additional opportunity for the practical application of their learning.

The Inclusive Education Support Hub can only enrol students who satisfy the Department of Education’s criteria.


If you want more information about our Inclusive Education Hub please contact the College to arrange a tour and an informal meet and greet with our Manager of Inclusion.


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