All students are expected to attend the college regularly and attend their classes on time. Timeliness is important as the beginning of a lesson is very important for learning. Being on time also demonstrates respectfulness, and shows the development of skills required in workplaces.

All absences and late arrivals to the college are required to have a signed letter or explanation from a parent or guardian.

Missed time in class accumulates to have a significant impact on student learning.

The Department of Education states that any student whose attendance is below 90% (over a whole year this could equate to more than 20 days / 4 weeks absent from school) will be considered at risk of not achieving. Parents will receive letters from the college if their child is considered at risk due to attendance.

When making plans for the college year please note that vacations during college time are not acceptable absences, and will affect your child’s attendance percentage and therefore their Good Standing. This may mean your child is unable to attend non–curriculum events such as reward days, sports carnival, interschool activities.

Continued lateness to the college without explanation may also result in a loss of Good Standing.

Monitoring of Attendance

For any explained absences please contact the college – either by phone, email or by writing an absentee letter/note. Absentee query letters will be sent home for students that have been absent without explanation. Any discrepancies or queries about the information in the absentee query letters needs to be addressed by phone, email or in writing on the absentee letter (returned to the college).


Why should my child attend school on a regular basis?

From day one, attending school can prevent experiences with learning difficulties

Regular attendance ensures that learning across all areas can occur without any gaps in knowledge

Regular attendance assists student in building friendships, as well as social and communication skills and improves self esteem


What can the school help with?

We can check individual student’s attendance and view any problems or progress on a weekly basis

We can give you strategies to help your child attend school regularly

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