Transition – The Believe Program

Research shows that a good transition to high school improves student wellbeing, ensuring success for all students.

At Coastal Lakes College, success for all students is our number one priority, which is why we have invested a lot of time in developing a robust transition program designed to prepare students for success at Coastal Lakes College, recognising that success will look different for each one of our students.

At Coastal Lakes College future students spend not one, but two full days on campus learning about our values and what it means to be a student here at Coastal Lakes College. They also get to experience some of the classes we offer and meet key staff who will be here to help them during their time at Coastal Lakes College.

Our Believe Program helps students become familiar with the campus, staff and facilities to help make their transition to high school a more comfortable experience.

Only students who are attending Coastal Lakes College the following year are eligible to participate in the Believe Program.


At Coastal Lakes College we ask each of our students to

Imagine all the possibilities. Be confident in embracing the opportunities given to you.

Believe in yourself and others. Be part of something bigger than yourself and have the courage to step up, dig deep and work tough.

Inspire others and yourself. Demonstrate a willingness to be broad minded and open to ideas that may be from outside the box.

Achieve all that you can. Be open to reflection and self-improvement by demonstrating resilience and personal excellence.


Transition # 1
During their first visit, students will explore our values and start to develop a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful as a high school student at Coastal Lakes College.

Transition # 2
During their second visit, students will continue to experience a ‘day in the life of a CLC student’, and be immersed in secondary curriculum and daily routines.

We hope that the transition experience will answer any questions and wonders that students may have regarding Coastal Lakes College, as well as ease any anxiety or nervousness in relation to starting High School.

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