The Imagine Program

The Imagine Project is an innovative series of academic extension and enrichment programs delivered by Coastal Lakes College specialist curriculum leaders, to Year 4 students from each of our local primary schools.

Selected students are invited to take part in one of two programs that aim to provide academic extension in the areas of Mathematics, Science and Technologies or Humanities, English and Arts.


Humanities and English Program:

The program will further develop the student’s reflection, creative and critical thinking, as well as analysis skills through a study of the concepts of equality and equity. Students will be engaged in reflection on, and analysis of different text types.

It will result in the production of surveys, graphic representations, a persuasive oral presentation and picture book.


Mathematics and Science Program:

The program forms a part of the College’s STEAM focus through utilising the skills, knowledge and understandings of Design Process and presenting engineering solutions to complete specific tasks.

This program will take the form of two tasks, the first a highly scaffolded approach to equip students with the basic skills and understandings required, to allow for success.

The second task will allow for greater creativity and application of skills, knowledge and understanding developed.

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