The Inspire Program

The Inspire Project is an innovative series of academic extension and enrichment programs delivered by Coastal Lakes College specialist curriculum leaders, to students in our local primary schools.

The project is a collection of opportunities aimed at specific years and areas of curriculum extension and/or enrichment.

This opportunity will be provided for an invited group of Year 5s from each of the primary schools.

This opportunity will provide cross-curricular academic extension in Mathematics, Science, Technologies, Humanities, English and the Arts through project based learning.

The program forms a part of the College’s STEAM focus through utilising the skills, knowledge and understandings of Design Process and presenting engineering solutions to complete specific tasks.

Through multidisciplinary learning, students will explore, be innovative and develop their critical thinking skills to enable them to solve problems based on real world issues in the 21st century.

Inquiry, curiosity, being able to find solutions to problems and being creative in the finding of solutions is the heart of this approach. This means that English and Humanities and Social Sciences is woven into STEAM alongside Science, Arts, Technologies and Mathematics.

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