Vision & Values

Our Vision

A key success indicator of our College will be the strong relationships our teachers and support staff form with you and your child, and with the community. Our high quality teaching and education programs will develop their knowledge and skills, focusing on their strengths and encouraging them in their chosen pathway.

Our College will measure its effectiveness through the achievement and character of our students and our strong links with the wider community.

Our Values

Our College is a learning culture working together to develop the whole child. By ‘whole child’, we mean the attitudes, skills and behaviours – such as self-control, confidence, social skills, self-motivation and resilience – that underpin success in school and beyond.

Our College culture is focused on supporting and celebrating positive academic mindsets that enhance social and emotional wellbeing and motivation. They include the ability to respond to setbacks, to work well with others, to positively contribute to the world around us, and to be goal and aspirationaly motivated.

Our core values are based on a growth mindset: the theory that intelligence is not a fixed characteristic, but instead is increased through effort. Our core values are best captured by the words:






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