Vision & Values

Our Vision

Imagine, Believe, Inspire and Achieve!

At Coastal Lakes College we are a proud, inclusive College that strives to challenge and support every student to develop a ‘growth mindset’ as a learner and a person. A mindset where students are encouraged to imagine the possibilities, believe in themselves, inspire others with their effort and achieve their personal best. The development of such a mindset provides a strong foundation for a bright and successful future.

Our College vision is underpinned by a firm belief that every student can achieve success if they are supported to believe in themselves, receive excellence in teaching and learning, build positive relationships across the College and benefit from strong partnerships between the College and home.

At Coastal Lakes College we aspire to provide a college environment where students and staff can flourish, feel inspired to achieve personal goals and college priorities, and are proud to be part of our outstanding College community.


Our Values

At Coastal Lakes College we prioritise the values below and the actions and behaviours that underpin these values. We believe our College values help to sustain a positive and inclusive culture and support successful learning, well-being and achievement outcomes for both students and staff.

Our core values are based on a growth mindset: the theory that intelligence is not a fixed characteristic, but instead is increased through effort. Our core values are best captured by the words:








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