After School Clubs

Timetabled classes ensure that students are exposed to the core curriculum, while after-school clubs allow them to delve further into their interest areas.

Coastal Lakes College offers a number of after-school clubs to suit a variety of student interests and are run in response to student demand.

Clubs run Week 2 – 9 and are generally run Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 2:45 and 3:45.

Clubs are run by teachers, if a teacher is away the after-school club will not run on that day. Clubs may require Good Standing.


Term 3 2023



MTG Club Mr Read ENG 16 (Upstairs) 2:45 – 3:45 Magic The Gathering is a trading card game similar to Yu-Gi-Oh in which players compete against each other with a variety of fantasy inspired spells and creatures. Some cards are inspired by Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons, and soon, Lord Of The Rings. Students will learn how to play and develop critical thinking and creativity. All are welcome. Bring a friend.
Art Club Ms Kirkwood Print 78 2:45-3:45 An opportunity for students to participate in school projects and extend skills. Students will engage in both school based and community projects. Art club will also give students the opportunity to keep up to date with class work.
Fashion & Textiles Mrs Havlin Textiles 53 2:45-4:00 This is a clothes making club focussed on making evening attire (dresses and other out fits) that could be worn to the school ball or river cruise etc. Students can upcycle clothing into something new or make a garment from scratch.  We cannot supply fabric or garments to be upcycled, student need to bring their projects to work on.  If you need help to choose a project and make a list of things you need, we are to help, come along and we’ll help you get started.
Anime Club Mr Tennyenhuis Library 2:40- 4:00 It is a safe space for kids that enjoy anything anime or manga related. We will be watching a season of anime a term as well as have paper for drawing and art that can be hung up.
Orienteering Club Mr Pley Gym 3:00-4:45 Learning and practicing orienteering skills (map reading, navigation, waypoint finding etc) and using these skills to participate in orienteering courses based around the school.
Chess Club Ms Hodson & Mrs Kirkham Library 2:45-3:45 Chess club is for any student wanting to learn the essentials of chess. The club emphasises fair play, good sportsmanship, doing your best and building confidence whilst making new friends.




Music Club Mr Corbett

& Mr Moorin

Ground floor of Arts Building 2:45-3:40 Students can come to try out instruments by themselves or even start a band with friends. You can have a go on guitars, drums, bass, keyboard, piano, ukulele and many more. There are no classes and no assessments, just people having a go and having fun with music!
Drama Club Mrs Turner DRA94 2:45-3:45 Have you ever wanted to give Drama a go or further develop your skills in the Performing Arts or Design and Production? Then come along to Drama club!



Movie Club Mr Read DIG89 2:50-4:00 Movie Club is a Media based club which will explore some filmmaking basics for those with a passion for movies, tv, storytelling, videography, digital editing, and so much more.
Study Club Mrs Watkins Library 2:45-3:45 Study skills will be taught for the first 15 minutes, covering topics such as developing growth mindset, setting yourself up to study effectively and strategies to study and revise. This is followed by self-directed study time.
Wakakirri Club Miss Turner, Ms McDonald & Mrs Robson Drama 94 2:45-3:45 There are plans to make this years Wakakirri bigger and better than before so we need you to make this happen. Come and help create this years piece by being a part of the onstage or offstage crew.
First Lego League Mr Lenz Science 77 3:00-3:45 First Lego League introduces science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) through fun, exciting hands-on learning. Participants gain real-world problem-solving experience through a guided robotics program.
Basketball club Mr Correia & Mr Hind Gym 2:40-4:00 Basketball club is for any student who is interested in playing basketball, having fun and building positive relationships.
Dungeons and Dragons Club Miss Hallett ENG11 2:45-4:00 A social club where we play a table-top role-playing game called Dungeons and Dragons. Create your own characters and go on fantasy adventures with friends.


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