Acceptable Use Agreement

Student Agreement

I agree to follow the rules set out below when I use the Department-provided online services:

  • I will only use online services for purposes which support my learning and educational research.
  • I understand that I am responsible for all activity in my online services account.
  • I will check with the teacher before sharing images or giving information about myself or anyone else when using online services.
  • I will keep my password private and not share with other students.
  • I will not let other people logon and/or use my online account.
  • I will tell the teacher if I think someone is using my online account.
  • I understand the College and the Department of Education can monitor my use of online services.
  • If I find information that is inappropriate or makes me feel uncomfortable I will tell a teacher about it. Examples of inappropriate content include violent, racist, sexist, or pornographic material, or content that is offensive, intimidating or encourages dangerous or illegal activity.
  • I will not use the Department’s online services for personal gain or illegal activity (eg music file sharing), to bully, offend or intimidate others or access or send inappropriate materials including software that may damage computers, data or networks.
  • I will acknowledge the creator or author of any material used in my research for school work by using appropriate referencing.
  • I will get permission from the copyright owner of any material used in my school work before I reuse it in a portfolio for employment, in a competition or any other uses other than for my private research and study.
  • I will use appropriate language in all internet communications.
  • I will not try to access internet sites that have been blocked by the College or the Department of Education.
  • I will not damage or disable the computers, computer systems or computer networks of the College, the Department of Education or any other organisation.

I understand that:

  • I will be held responsible for my actions while using online services and for any breaches caused by allowing any other person to use my online services account
  • The misuse of online services may result in disciplinary action, determined by the principal in accordance with the Department’s Behaviour Management in Schools policy; and
  • I may be held liable for offences committed using online services.

Students understand that if they are given an online services account and break any of the rules in the agreement, it may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Department’s Student Behaviour policy and Student Behaviour procedures.


Parent Agreement

Parents agree to and understand the responsibilities their child has when using the online services provided at Coastal Lakes for educational purposes, in accordance with the Acceptable Usage Agreement for students. Parents also understand that if their child breaks any of the rules in the agreement, that the Principal may take disciplinary action in accordance with the Department’s Student Behaviour policy and Student Behaviour procedures.

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