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At Coastal Lakes College we have high expectations for each of our students and we want to provide our students with a number of opportunities to reach their potential. One of the ways that we do this is through the Achieve Program.

The Achieve Program is an academic enrichment program that brings together like-minded, high achieving students to accelerate their learning across all areas of the curriculum while fostering the development of their social and emotional needs.

The program provides students with a learning environment that will engage and extend them, allowing them to explore the curriculum in more detail. A range of teaching strategies, such as inquiry based learning, team work, goal setting and having a growth mindset are developed in order to engage students in their learning outcomes.

A core component of the program is to raise students’ aspirations and expose them to a wide variety of career pathways and opportunities that may be available to them. One of the ways that we do this is through additional excursions and incursions with outside providers.

Earlier this term, girls from the Year 8 Achieve Program attended the WISE Women event at Murdoch University. A project designed to encourage females to consider a career in STEM by providing the opportunity to interact with women working in STEM careers.

Our Year 9 Achieve Program participants visited Murdoch University, participating in three workshops, designed to enhance what they have been learning at school. Workshop topics included criminology, information privacy, facial approximation and a maths breakout box. The aim of the excursion was to expose students to a university campus and provide some inspiration for their future career choices.

Leading the program, is our Coordinator of Academic Programs. In their role the Coordinator of Academic Programs provides guidance and support to students and their families in the program. They work closely with our Heads of Learning Area and teachers to ensure the needs of our Achieve students are met through an engaging, tailored curriculum.

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