Coastal Lakes College Students are ‘Armed for Life’

A group of students standing together with the Armed for Life facilitator

23 June 2020

In line with our focus on the social and emotional learning of our students, a number of our students have been participating in an Armed for Life program with Adam Przytula.

The resilience program aims to help students make positive life choices through a variety of topics including self-esteem, resilience, bullying, respect, positive relationships, decision making, screen addiction and more.

In Week 7 the topic was “Healthy People” and “Real Men” and the students were engaged throughout the whole sessions asking Adam quality questions such as:

  • What is meant by a toxic relationship?
  • Have you ever been hit or have you even hit a woman?
  • Have you ever been peer pressured into being in a fight or doing drugs?

Feedback from our students has been positive including, ‘I find the topics really interesting’, ‘I really like learning about other peoples’ stories’ and I really like participating in this program as I get to come along with some friends and work with people I don’t normally work with.

Our Manager of Positive Support, Clare Mowat is impressed with how well the students have been engaging, ‘we have 22 students participating in the program across Years 7 and 8, both boys and girls, and it’s great to see them learn new skills and engage with the program each week’.

The program, which began in Week 2 of Term 2 will wrap up in Week 10.

Armed For Life is a social enterprise with the aim of helping children, teenagers and adults develop resilience and increase their wellbeing and mental health.

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