Earth Matters: Rethinking the Future

two students playing with a motorised propella

15 September 2021

Earlier this month students in our Environment Committee along with our House Captains travelled to Scitech to participate in the ‘Earth Matters’ excursion.

The excursion encouraged students to explore how our Earth is being impacted by various environmental challenges by participating in hands-on experiments and workshops.

Students had an opportunity to explore innovative solutions that will help us adapt our way of living for a more sustainable future.

The excursion provided the students with an enriching learning experience that encouraged the development of their 21st Century STEAM skills.

Throughout the day students participated in a number of activities designed to inspire innovation as they look to the future of sustainability. Students worked together in small groups to problem-solve and innovate their own wind-turbine prototype, and collaborated in their investigation of underwater environmental threats like microplastics and oil spills.

“It was a really good day and we learnt a lot about the challenges the Earth is facing as well as some of the things we can do to help.” commented Sean who is a member of our Environment Committee.

The excursion has inspired participants to increase environmental initiatives across the College, Josh who attended on the day said “the day has really made us stop and think about our impact on the environment around us, not just what we can do, but how we can work together with others to make sure that our actions are better for the environment – we are looking forward to rolling out some of these initiatives over the coming months”.

By engaging in the wider community and further developing their understanding of the Earth, the Environment Committee members will seek to adapt their knowledge and implement sustainability initiatives throughout the College and wider community.


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