Epilepsy Awareness Week 2023

In Australia, around 250,000 people are currently diagnosed with epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder and seizures are caused by a disruption of the electrical activity in the brain. Common triggers for epileptic seizures are lack of sleep, fatigue, physical or emotional stress, hormonal changes, and illness. Although some lifestyle changes are necessary, many people with epilepsy can lead full and productive lives. 1.4% of our school’s population are living with epilepsy. This is higher than the national average across Australia.


This week the College turned purple in aid of Epilepsy WA. Throughout this week the Coastal Lakes College House Leaders and House Captains have been proudly running events to raise money for Epilepsy WA. Through donations, games, BBQs and sport competitions at lunch and recess, we raised an amazing $1,515.75 which is more than double our donation from 2022!


Shout out to Adam G., the House Captains and House Leaders for all your hard work throughout the week. A very special thank you goes out to The Secret Harbour Butchers for your kind donations towards our fundraiser.


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