Local Artist Surprises High School Students

Part of our wall mural in the arts building, showing a boy in a wheelchair painting

March 2021

The start of the 2021 school year was filled with plenty of unexpected surprises. Students at Coastal Lakes College were treated with an extra special surprise, returning to find a large format mural painted by local artist, Ricky Gibson. The mural, which covers the entire internal wall at the southern end of the double story arts building, represents the inclusive nature of the arts department.

“We wanted to create something that would inspire our students, but at the same time make them feel connected and part of the College – we want everyone here to be accepted and celebrated for their unique traits and talents. It was really important to us, that we use a local creative, someone our students can aspire to. I think the artwork reflects who we are as a College and the things that we value as an Arts department, and as a College”, said Tristram Corbett, Teacher in Charge for The Arts.

The artist, who has completed a number of murals across the peel region drew inspiration from workshops he conducted with students in 2020.

“I wanted to create a creative and inclusive space where students would feel comfortable exploring and sharing their inspirations and ideas freely.”

“Working with the students I was able to incorporate their ideas, reflecting our local environment as well as the idea of inclusivity.

The opportunity as a local artist to work in Mandurah’s public spaces is an honour and to see that the artwork inspires the young students now and into the future is very rewarding”, said Ricky, the artist who created the mural.

The artwork, which was kept a secret until students returned to the College in 2021, was a big hit for students.  “I was really impressed with the artwork. There was so much detail and I really like the style of the artist. You can tell a lot of care was put into the piece. It flows together seamlessly showcasing all the different subjects that take place in the arts building. The artwork reflects creativity, fun and enjoyment, which is how I feel in the building”, said Jules from Year 9.

part of a wall mural showing a girl holding a camera Wall mural with the words visual arts and a pelican Male adult wearing a white tshirt standing in front of an artwork he painted

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