Murdoch University Visit Raises Student Aspirations

2 CLC students standing in white lab coats, applying Plasticine to a plastic skull

On Wednesday 2nd June, students from our Year 9 Achieve Program visited Murdoch University, participating in three workshops designed to enhance what they have been learning at school. Workshop topics included criminology, information privacy, facial approximation and a maths breakout box.

The aim of the excursion was to expose students to a university campus helping to raise student aspirations and provide inspiration for their future career choices.

“Year 9’s are beginning to explore career pathway planning at Coastal Lakes College. By experiencing a university campus first hand and hearing about study areas and courses, students can begin to imagine all of the possibilities available to them for their futures”, said Jasmin Watkins, our Coordinator of Academic Programs.

Students were thoroughly impressed with their campus visit. “I loved the campus, it was really great”, said Sean from 9.1. Aria thought it was a good hands-on experience and Jessica commented “The campus was really quiet and nice. The face reconstruction activity was good, we gave him a nice overbite and it looked great.”

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