The Imagine Program a success once again

4 Year 4 students from local primary schools putting a marble down a pipe

21 July 2021

Thirty-nine Year Four students from Lakelands, Meadow Springs, Oakwood and Singleton primary schools’ have been celebrated for taking part in The Imagine Program.

The ten-week program is designed to help participants explore 21st-Century STEAM skills while providing academic extension in the areas of Humanities, English and Arts or Mathematics, Science and Technologies.

The program, which has been popular amongst its participants, culminated in a special celebration yesterday, where participants were joined by staff from their schools, and their families, to showcase some of the impressive work they have been doing.

Feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive, Jacob said “The Imagine Program has been really fun, every Tuesday I get so excited that I get to go, it’s been great working together coming up with ideas and actually building our contraption. The celebration today was really fun, but I’m also a bit sad today as it means that it’s all over”.

The program is delivered by specialist curriculum leaders at Coastal Lakes College.

Students in the Humanities, English and Arts track have explored the concepts of equity and equality; thinking deeply about their place in the world and how these concepts affect our society. The activities have encouraged participants to develop their reflection, creative and critical thinking skills.

Participants in the Mathematics, Science and Technologies track have been busy designing and building a Chain Reaction Contraption, whereby a single movement results in a chain reaction of steps/events resulting in a final action/event. Using the design process, students have been using their creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking skills to create their own contraption.

“The Imagine Project has been put together to encourage students to develop their skills, collaborate with others and to challenge themselves,” said Kya Graves Principal of Coastal Lakes College.

“The program links to the college’s K-12 STEAM focus, utilising the skills, common language and kinds of activities they can expect when they come to Coastal Lakes College.

“We want to start building these skills and aspirations now, so that when they get to high school, it’s an easier transition for them.

“It’s wonderful to see these students showing up, eager to learn, wanting to do their very best, attributes that are so important for their ongoing success.”

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