CLC Leaders in Action

Student Leaders, Peer Supporters and House Captains standing with Ms Romagnolo outside of the Library


Each week during term 2, our student leaders participated in a Student Leadership Program coordinated by Ms Bianca Romagnolo, our Manager of Operations.

The program, which placed our House Captains, Peer Support Team and Student Counsellors, at the centre of their learning, aimed to empower our student leaders with the practical skills and strategies they need to be effective and influential leaders within the student body.

Throughout the weekly sessions participants learnt about the process of individual and group decision making and how to make meaningful connections with others.

Participants also worked on public speaking, effective listening, problem solving, applying their leadership skills in a variety of contexts and working effectively with other leaders.

The program was well received by our student leaders, Year 7 Student Councillor, Scott Kirkwood said, “The Leadership Program allows me to work collaboratively with my peer leaders to develop our skills and work together to become better leaders”.

As the College is still in its early years, programs like this are considered essential in the development of our culture; developing the leadership skills of our student leaders ensures that we are continually connected with the voice of our students and that their needs and interests are well represented.

Having strong leaders also allows us to better connect with our college community through programs and initiatives that our student leaders are working towards.

Ms Romagnolo, the program coordinator was impressed by the commitment that our student leaders showed to their development, “Each week students showed up enthusiastic and ready to learn with their peers, the discussions we had over the course of the program showed continual engagement and development of their leadership skills.”

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