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Coastal Lakes College

03 September, 2020

Coastal Lakes College has been selected as one of the schools that will be turned into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) as part of the Schools VPP pilot project.

As part of the WA Recovery Plan, the State Government announced that it will invest $4 million towards transforming up to 10 schools into Virtual Power Plants – installed by Synergy through the Schools VPP pilot project.

A VPP is a network of distributed energy resources such as solar PV, batteries and electric vehicles, that provide the same services to the electricity system as a traditional power plant. By working together to store energy or feed into the grid when it is needed most, supply and demand for electricity are balanced.

The project is designed to help schools to manage their electricity consumption and create value for the broader community, energy system security and sustainability.

“We are thrilled to be part of this initiative, which will help make the College a more environmentally friendly space. Coastal Lakes College is named after the bodies of water that surround it, the coast to the West and the lakes to the East; sustainability is part of our identity and is an important part of what we do here.” Said Foundation Principal, Kya Graves. “This is very exciting, and will be a major benefit to our community for years to come.”

We committed to sustainability which is evidenced by our Oceans Project initiative, a collaboration between Coastal Lakes College, Ridge View Secondary College and Svitzer in association with OSM Maritime. The initiative is designed to give students unique learning opportunities and real-world experiences in ocean sustainability.

The VPP pilot project builds on our existing features which includes solar panels, water tanks and a water bore. Our lighting and heating are on sensors in an effort to conserve our energy use. We have recycling bins located across the College for students to use.

Earlier this year our student leaders launched a soft-plastics recycling initiative so that students and staff can recycle their soft-plastics.

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