Excursion to Point Peron a massive success

Coastal Lakes College students at Point Peron

18 September 2020

Earlier this term, our Year 8 students went on a whole college curriculum excursion to Point Peron in Rockingham to give them an opportunity to transfer their Geography learning into a real world context. Throughout the day students investigated coastal landforms, erosion and human activities and got to experience firsthand the everyday work of Geographers.

Our Head of Learning Area for HaSS, Lucy Lai was impressed with the skills our students showcased on the day, “Students were able to transfer the skills and content covered in the classroom into a real-world experience. This helps to further establish interest and relevance of classroom learning. We were impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm our students showed throughout the whole day.”


At Coastal Lakes College we think it’s important students have an opportunity to imagine the possibilities of the skills they learn in the classroom.

It’s important that they believe they’re capable of using these skills in the real world and when faced with challenging situations.

We want them to be inspired to start thinking of future career opportunities and come up with solutions to real world problems.

At CLC we give our students a range of opportunities to achieve and to experience success; whether that’s in the classroom, on paper, or in the real world.

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