Murdoch University opens up a world of opportunity for students

a student ambassador from Murdoch University standing with 4 students showing the cells they made from clay

On Wednesday 28 April our Year 9 students met with representatives from Murdoch University in an effort to encourage students to start exploring their future career pathways.

The student ambassadors shared stories with our students about their own journeys and provided a taste of what students may be able to do in their own futures.

The incursion was organised by Jasmin Watkins our Coordinator of Academic Programs “We know career decisions can be challenging for young people. It’s important to us that we get our students thinking about their future early and exposing them to as many of the different career pathways we can.”

By helping students to explore their passions and explore their curiosities, we aspire to show them how they may change the world.


A representative from Murdoch university wearing a white dress shirt and grey pants addressing students 2 Year 9 students standing in front of a cell they made from coloured clay

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