Students Celebrate Safe Travel

Students at Coastal Lakes College recently participated in a highly successful Ride or Walk to School Day, an initiative designed to promote healthy living and safety when travelling to and from school. The event, which encouraged students to ride, scoot, or walk to school, was met with great enthusiasm and saw significant participation from the student body. The initiative not only aimed to foster healthy habits but also offered students the opportunity to earn house points and win exciting prizes.


Associate Principal Paul Cooke expressed immense pride in the students’ efforts and the overall success of the event. “We are incredibly proud of our students for embracing the Ride or Walk to School Day initiative with such enthusiasm. It’s wonderful to see them making healthier and more environmentally friendly choices.”, he said.


The Ride or Walk to School Day initiative not only rewarded students with prizes but also reminded them about the health, wellness, and environmental benefits of alternative travel to college. As the students enjoy their new helmets, drink bottles, backpacks, and hats, Coastal Lakes College looks forward to continuing this positive trend and building on the success of this event in the future.



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