Students Shine at Wakakirri

Our talented students recently participated at the prestigious Wakakirri, a national story-dance festival for Primary and Secondary schools, and their performances have truly left a mark on the stage.

Wakakirri is a highly acclaimed event that celebrates storytelling through dance, giving young students across Australia a unique platform to express themselves creatively. This year, Coastal Lakes College took the spotlight with outstanding performances that not only showcased their talent but also demonstrated their dedication and hard work.

The festival, known for its fusion of storytelling and dance, challenges students to weave captivating narratives using movement, music, and costume. Our students embraced this challenge with enthusiasm, pouring their hearts into their performances and practicing tirelessly to perfect every step, gesture, and emotion.

The result? A resounding success! Coastal Lakes College students not only performed exceptionally well but also clinched several awards, making us incredibly proud. Their dedication and commitment to their craft have truly paid off, highlighting the exceptional caliber of talent nurtured within our College.

Show Awards
1) Ensemble Award for Group Dance
2) Creative production award for Minimalist Production Design
3) Storytelling Award for Story Theme and Concept
4) Storytelling Award for a Great Minimalist Production Style
5) Production award for Projection

We must also extend our gratitude to the teachers, choreographers, and mentors who guided and inspired our students every step of the way. Their unwavering support and expertise have played an instrumental role in shaping these performances into the masterpieces that graced the Wakakirri stage.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in Wakakirri, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to this success. We look forward to more such incredible achievements in the future as we continue to nurture and celebrate the talents of our students.

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