The Imagine Project: A first for local primary school students

3 Year 4 Students, Tane, Mackenzie and Daniel, holding their luna lander. A milk carton with springs and a parachute made from a plastic bin bag.

Thirty-nine year four students from Lakelands, Meadow Springs, Oakwood and Singleton primary schools’ have been invited to take part in The Imagine Project.

The program, which has been a collaboration with the local primary schools, is designed to provide academic extension for participants in the areas of Humanities, English and Arts or Mathematics, Science and Technologies.

The nine-week program is proving popular amongst its participants.

The best thing about the project is working together as a team with people from other schools and making new friends” said the A girls, an all-girl group who have given themselves a special name because all their names start with the letter A.

Participants in the Humanities and English program are developing their analytical, creative and critical thinking skills by reading and watching Dr Suess’ The Sneetches.

Participants in the Mathematics and Science program have been designing and building a moon lander that needs to keep its occupants (an egg) safe on landing.

“We are making a Lunar Lander made out of recyclable materials.” said Tane.

“We are going to drop it from a 5m balcony and see if the egg survives.

“Our strategy is to try and reduce the impact by having a parachute and using springs to try and take the impact from landing.

“When we tested the lander the carton wasn’t secure and the egg would fall out so we still need to do some modifications.”

The program is delivered by specialist curriculum leaders at Coastal Lakes College.

“The Imagine Project has been put together to encourage students to develop their skills, collaborate with others and to challenge themselves,” said Kya Graves Principal of Coastal Lakes College.

“We want to start building these skills and aspirations now, so that when they get to high school, it’s an easier transition for them.

“It’s wonderful to see these students showing up, eager to learn, wanting to do their very best, attributes that are so important for success.”

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