GOALS Program Back Again in 2021

Mr lambert standing with 4 students in front of a volleyball net. two students are holding volleyballs

2 June 2021

Students across the College have been invited to join the fun and experience success outside of the classroom in our GOALS Program. The program, which will run during terms two and three, is designed to encourage students to model expected behaviours and will provide opportunities for them to build confidence, self-motivation, resilience and self-control skills.

Throughout the program participants will build relationships with peers from around the college and develop skills in teamwork, leadership and perseverance to achieve their own personal and team goals.  Students will participate in a weekly training session, clinics with major sporting partners and competitions against other schools in the area.

At CLC we have high expectations of our students, and the GOALS Program is no different. We expect participants of the program to demonstrate the following characteristics at all times:

  • Must be a team player, hard worker and good listener
  • Must display outstanding behaviour and social skills at all times
  • Must model exceptional personal character both at the College and in the wider community
  • Must have good standing
  • Must have good attendance (attendance should be at least 80%)
  • Must demonstrate pride in the College uniform, be well presented and in full school uniform at all times.

Students will be monitored and expected to uphold these standards for the entirety of the program.

In order to participate in the program students must demonstrate good behaviour in their classes and gather teachers support (in the form of signatures) throughout the day. Students are expected to get at least 6 signatures each day throughout classes and during break times. This process also requires participants to be responsible, as they must keep the booklet on them throughout the week and remember to gather signatures. Students must maintain their academic achievement and are required to catch up with any lessons missed.

Students chosen to participate can do so in one of the four sporting programs – Basketball, Boys AFL, Girls AFL and Volleyball. The program has been run in the past with great outcomes and this year we have expanded to offer even more sports to meet student demand. One of the new ones is a dedicated AFL program for girls, “the girls AFL program has been created to bring together girls with a similar interest and provide a safe space to build confidence, strong connections, positive mindsets and skills through playing AFL” said Indianna Brewer-Williams who is running the program with students.

Students are keen to get started, with the first training sessions happening this week “The GOALS Program is really fun, it’s definitely worth giving it a go. I did it last year and it really helped me get better at the sport; I practiced nearly every day. It’s a great chance to meet new people and you get to represent the College at Interschool carnivals which is cool. I was really happy when I heard we were doing it again this year, I signed up to do Volleyball and I’m excited to make some new friends and learn new skills” said Caleb.

Two boys chasing down a footy 3 girls holding their Goals program booklets. One girl is holding a volleyball two girls completing an obstacle course 3 students standing in a triangle formation practicing their volleyball skills two girls completing an obstacle course 4 students playing volleyball


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